Alphabet Wooden Owl Puzzle

Alphabet Wooden Owl Puzzle



Childrens ABC Wooden Owl A-Z Alphabet Jigsaw Puzzle

This beautifully handcrafted wooden Owl jigsaw puzzle is perfect for children that are beginning to learn the alphabet. Children will learn the sequence of the alphabet as they slot each chunky interlocking piece together to form the Owl. A  toy handcrafted from sustainable rubber wood.

Strongly suggest mother in next to the baby with the baby to play together, continue to encourage the baby, the baby’s confidence is such training up. In the promotion of the feelings at the same time, to prevent the baby swallowed the small parts in toys, baby toys will remind don’t thrown each other, don’t let the baby toys contain in mouth stimulates the baby. Love of life, to give the baby a happy childhood!!

1. children should be used under the supervision of parents
2. do not put toys thrown each other.
3. do not put toys in the mouth, beware of children swallowing small parts in toys


Wood play clean & maintenance

1. Can not be washed. Because the wood will swell, deformation, wooden toys can not be washed with water;
2. It is recommended to wipe with a cloth. Usually with a clean wet gauze or handkerchief gently wipe the toy surface, or with some natural cleaning solution gently wipe, and then dry with a dry cloth;
3. Regular drying. Because wooden toys are easy to mold, so regularly put in a ventilated place to dry, to prevent wood play mildew.

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