by Ghulam Qadir Khan Daur
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“A true story of happiness and Romance, of curse and betrayal, from the remotest corner of the world, Waziristan.”

“Waziristan remains a mystery and a puzzle for most of the world. Reports of violence and terrorism are frequently associated with its name. For people living here, life has become a hell of uncertainty. A drone strike could kill them or their family members one day, a suicide bomber the next or action by the Pakistan army the day after. Is this all there is to Waziristan?

Ghulam Qadir Khan, sets out to show us the true face of Waziristan. He takes us to the heart of this society. We meet his family and those living in his village Darpa Khel in North Waziristan Agency. We become familiar with individuals. We meet and fall in love with members of his family. We are also introduced to the essential features of tribal society.

Unlike the previous authors, Ghulam Qadir is the only one from the area itself… The author is ideally placed to write on Waziristan. He is that rare tribesman from this area who is writing about his own people. Because Ghulam Qadir combines scholarship and experience in the field as an administrator, he is a trustworthy guide. Educated at some of the finest institutions of Pakistan – Lawrence College, Murree, and Edwards College, Peshawar – Ghulam Qadir joined the civil service of Pakistan in 1984. He has worked in the field as Deputy Commissioner and Political Agent in the Tribal Areas. In more senior postings, he has been in charge of the Tribal Areas in the planning department, and has also held the post of Secretary of Law and Order for the Tribal Areas.” – Professor Akbar Ahmed, Ibn Khaldun Chair of Islamic Studies, American University, Washington D.C.




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GenreAutobiography and Culture