Prima Emboss Fabric Copper Colour

Prima Emboss Fabric Copper Colour



Copper Prima Emboss Fabric Colour-Water Base Colour

Prima Emboss Professional Artists Fabric Paint Colour, Copper Colour in Tubes form,Classic fabric,painting colours

Dluite with water to athin layer of colour and apply with painting brush on fabric.Color can be intermixed to from new shades.After drying painted area is to be heated softly from the back side with iron to raise at up and  obtained desired shade .Box consists of 12  shades.Profesional artists water based fabric paint in Copper pale colour

  • Non-toxic transparent water based colour.
  • Suitable for use with natural & man made fabrics.
    • Easy to use & reliable

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Brown (P), Burnt Sienna (A),(O), Copper Moon (F), Olive Green, Orange (P), Silver