Prima Sparkle Fabric Pink Paint

Prima Sparkle Fabric Pink Paint



Prima Sparkle Fabric Paint-Glitter Paint- Pink Colour Paint

These colour Paints are available in Cabmium Orange,Brilliant Green,White,Dark Pink,Light Green,Copper,Rich Gold,Ultramarine Deep Blue,Violet,Brown,Chrome Yelow. The size of this tube bottle of Prima Sparkle fabric paint is 3.5″ tall and 1″ thick. It contains a glitter fabric paint.Prima Sparkle fabric paint in Glitter Diamond is great for creating sparkly themed based on paint . Combine it with any colored gems for a perfect match and enhance all of your face painting designs. These paints gem clusters can be used as center pieces or near the corner of the eye as stand alone decorations, or as parts of a bigger fancier design. You can even sell them at festivals for people to use and re use as many times as they want. paints can also be used to make the birthday kid feel special. Dilute with water to have a thin layer of colour and apply with painting brush on fabric. After drying painted area is to be heated softly from the back side with iron.

What else should I know about Prima Sparkle fabric paint?

Because this product was designed for fabrics and not the skin, it can not be applied to the skin when wet. Once dry it is safe to be in contact with the skin, but you can create a safety barrier using medical tape, liquid band-aid or skin safe adhesive (glitter tattoo glue) if you are concerned. Once that barrier is applied, the only thing in contact with the skin will be the skin safe material.

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Orange (P), Pink, Ultramarine blue (A),(O), White