Red Butterfly Stationary Sticker Tape

Red Butterfly Stationary Sticker Tape

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Bud Silk Stationary Stickers

This is a roll of butterfly sticker tape. On the back it says “This product is widely used in boxes for outer packing and stationery, notebook, glass, books adornment”. I’m guessing something was missed in translation but it is cute and a metre of it will adorn many things.Bud Silk Stationary Stickers – dark red Lace butterfly. This Pretty self-adhesive lace style tape is Perfect for decorating handmade cards, embellishing scrapbook pages, Journaling etcfestival finish to party decorations, invitations and more.

Material:PVC;Color/Design:Lace,Random. Size(Approx.):Each roll length 1 meter,width 1.8cm,total 1rools.
Self-adhesive lace style tapes

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