Tales of Terror from the Black Ship

Tales of Terror from the Black Ship

Chris Priestley
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At the Old Inn, which clings precariously to a clifftop above a storm-lashed ocean, two sick children are left alone while their father fetches the doctor. Then a visitor comes begging for shelter, and so begins a long night of storytelling, in which young Ethan and Cathy, who has an unnatural appetite for stories of a macabre persuasion, sit out the last throes of the storm in the company of a sailor with more than enough grisly tales to satisfy them.

But something about this sailor puts Ethan on edge, and he becomes increasingly agitated for his father’s return. Only when the storm blows itself out can Ethan relax – but not for long, for the new dawn opens the children’s eyes to a truth more shocking, more distressing than anything they heard the night before.

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