The Gatecrasher by Sophie Kinsella

The Gatecrasher by Sophie Kinsella

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This book features one of my favourite heroines, Fleur Daxeny. It’s called The Gatecrasher because Fleur gatecrashes funerals and memorial services. She dresses up in black, finds services of wealthy families then goes along and infiltrates herself into the family and ultimately fleeces them.  Not very much, just enough to keep herself going. So she’s not a good person – she’s beautiful and unscrupulous and she’s a user – but she’s also very warm and very witty and very life-enhancing, and you find yourself rooting for her even though you know you shouldn’t.

Fleur becomes entangled with one particular family and faces the biggest decision – does she hang up her collection of black hats and find love and settle down, or does she fleece them as usual and move on? The reaction I’ve always had from readers is that they didn’t want to like Fleur – they felt morally shocked by what she did – but by the end they kind of loved her. She’s perhaps my ultimate flawed heroine.



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