The Mystery of the Vanished Prince

The Mystery of the Vanished Prince

by Enid Blyton



The ninth installment of Enid Blyton’s fifteen-book Five Find-Outers and Dog series, in which a group of British schoolchildren spend their holidays playing detective, The Mystery of the Vanished Prince sees Fatty, Larry, Daisy, Pip and Bets once again in the midst of a mystery because of a practical joke. When Fatty manages to convince pompous police bobby Mr. Goon that Bets, dressed up in colorful, “exotic” clothing, is actually the sister of an Indian prince known to be at camp nearby, he has no idea that Prince Bongawah will soon disappear, and that Goon will come searching for little “Princess Bongawee.” Out of favor with their hero, Inspector Jenks, Fatty and the others are determined to make amends, and solve the mystery…



Foreign Price£5.99
PublisherEgmont UK
GenreChildren Fiction