The Other Lover by Sarah Jackman

The Other Lover by Sarah Jackman

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WHO DECIDES WHAT’S RIGHT OR WRONG IN LOVE…? Laura and Adam love their life in Brighton. They’re in love, and it’s uncomplicated, and that’s just how they like it. But all that changes when Laura meets an eccentric older couple in the local cafe, Alessandros. Laura is immediately drawn to Rose and William, whose flamboyancy and joie-de-vivre appeal to a side of her that is rarely shown. But early in their friendship the terrible truth of Rose’s future is revealed – she is in the final stages of a devastating terminal illness. Laura and Rose grow ever closer, and when the time finally comes they expect to be able to lay Rose to rest in the peace that she deserves. But soon insidious rumours are flying about as to the real cause of Rose’s death; was it the illness that killed her, or did her husband, William, take matters into his own hands? In the weeks that follow Laura and William are thrown together as he struggles to prove his innocence – until finally, their friendship becomes something more, and Laura’s life is changed utterly.



Foreign Price£6.99
PublisherSimon and Schuster